Public documents

Public documents, results and outcomes of the FIELDS project

Stakeholder strategic plan and analysis report

The growth strategy of the sector is summarized in a comprehensive report, through the available material and directives from the EU, producers associations and industries.

Profiles prioritisation 

CONFAGRI PT developed with the support of AERES a prioritisation system and classification of all training needs obtained in the different scenarios of the foresight exercise completed in T1.5 and of the occupational profiles and skills needs defined in T2.1

National and EU regulatory frameworks 

This task aims at preparing the roll-out of project deliverables at national and regional levels with the relevant governmental and sectoral authorities. The partners provided the information on the regulatory frameworks in place in each country. 

Trend and scenario analysis

This deliverable presents the scenarios, their hypothesis and justification and their consequences. It will contain an executive summary presenting the main trends, their impact and skill needs at national and European level.

Methodology definition 

With the ultimate objective to support innovation and sustainable development in the agricultural, forestry and bio-economy sector, a variety of methods for teaching content and processes that enhance farmer learning of technological and soft skills may be applied. This report defined the pedagogical approach that will be used to develop the training programme in order to enhance farmer learning of technological and soft skills.

Funding opportunities 

In this task partners studied and listed the funding opportunities available to support the skills strategies and the future use of FIELDS’ outputs. Two levels were studied (regional/national and EU levels), each partner will list the regional and national funding opportunities using the EU tender portal and the local authorities’ materials