Dissemination aims to ensure to reach the largest possible target audience while advertising the project results

Communication and dissemination campaigns will be developed and implemented to ensure broad awareness rising of the project outcomes to the target groups, some of the actions to take are here described:

  • Newsletters will be written by FIAB with inputs from WP leaders every 6 months under the direction of FIAB and published to report the main developments achieved in the project and communicated through the different channels presented in the dissemination plan as well as through the stakeholders from each partner database. The newsletter will be issued in English and partners responsible for dissemination material will translate it in their country language and send it out through their network
  • 7 Communication workshops (LVA, AERES, CONFAGRI, ACTIA, FIAB, ICOS, PA) which will be organised during the project to involve, start the strategy roll-out and engage Farmers, foresters and industry organizations, VET and education providers in each partner country, but also in Europe as a whole. An additional one will be made in Brussels.
  • Ongoing dissemination to the media will be carried out, including press releases and articles in order to reach the different targeting audience. These articles will be published in relevant journals depending on the public target to be reached.  Dissemination towards EIP-AGRI focus group will be performed by UHOH.
  • FDE will disseminate the project results through the National Food and Drink Industry Federations, and the National Food Technology Platforms to the Food Industry, at the different stages of development of the project.
  • Videos of interviews will be made during VET training in local languages and posted on the various youtube channels of the partners and on the instagram/youtube channel of the project (AC3A, UCLM, LVA, AP, PA, INFOR, UNITO, ICOS, AERES)
  • Social media challenge will be implemented among initial training student on Instagram to impact learner’s population by VET and training providers (AC3A, UCLM, LVA, AP, PA, INFOR, UNITO, ICOS, AERES)
  • Promotion of agriculture careers and gender equality will also be promoted through the project’s events
  • Google AdWords campaign will be issued when the training content is available to impact the target groups by UNITO
  • A final conference will be organised in Brussels with the help of LLL-P and the umbrella organisations (FDE, Copa Cogeca WP RES; EFFAT, CEPI).