Regulatory Frameworks

Doc_Reference Doc_Type Framework Country Keywords I-RESTART Date Summary Application Entry force Language Link Comments
Decreto-Lei n.º 14/2017 Decree-Law Training Portugal Training, National Qualifications System 26/01/2017 Changes the legal system of the National Qualifications System and defines the structures that ensure its operation National 24/01/2017 Portuguese
Despacho n.º 6787/2020 Decree Bioeconomy Portugal Training, National Qualifications System 19/07/2020 Determines the elaboration of a study that allows for the structuring and systematization of the agro-forestry sector strategic lines in the context of the "National Strategy for Sustainable Bioeconomy 2030" development National 19/07/2020 Portuguese
Portaria n.º 324/2015 Governmental order Sustainability Portugal European Partnership, Agricultural Innovation, Productivity and Sustainability 01/10/2015 Creates the Initiatives Data Base for the European Innovation Partnership 'Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability', in particular for the action 1.1. "Operational Groups" of the measure 1 "Innovation" of the Rural Development Program of the mainland (PDR2020) National 02/10/2015 Portuguese
Resolução do Conselho de Ministros n .º 30/2020 Resolution of the Council of Ministers Digitalization Portugal Digitalization 21/02/2020 Approves the Digital Transition Action Plan National 22/02/2020 Portuguese
Deliberazione della Giunta Regionale 1 giugno 2018, n. 35-6976 Multiannual directive on vocational training Training Italy Training, Inclusion, Unemployment 18/05/2021 The Directive regulates the methods of approval, financing and implementation of the regional training offer aimed at increasing the opportunities of socio-occupational integration of young people and adults through the multi-year planning of free courses, provided by the accredited training agencies of the territory, in order to contribute to the... Regional 07/06/2018 Italian
Dlgs 16 gennaio 2013, n. 13 legislative decree Training Italy Non-formal learning, Informal learning, Competences certification 16/01/2013 Definition of general norms and essential levels of performance for the identification and validation of non-formal and informal learning and minimum service standards of the national system of certification of competencies National 02/03/2013 Italian
Decreto interministeriale del 30 giugno 2015 Interministerial Decree Training Italy Regional qualifications, Vocational training, Competences 30/06/2015 Definition of an operational framework for the recognition at national level of regional qualifications and related skills, within the National Directory of education and training titles and professional qualifications National 20/07/2015 Italian
Deliberazione della Giunta Regionale 6 giugno 2016, n. 48-3448 Regional resolution Training Italy Certification criteria, Attestation of competences 18/05/2021 Approval of the new criteria of the regional system of certification and attestation of the competences in professional training. Regional 06/06/2016 Italian
D.D. 1 luglio 2016, n. 420 Internal provisions Training Italy Skills certification, Practical rules 18/05/2021 Approval of the operational indications for the issue of certificates and new formats of certification of skills Regional 01/07/2016 Italian
D.D. 18 settembre 2017, n. 849 Consolidated text Training Italy Competences recognition, Competent authorities, Certification, Training 18/05/2021 Consolidated text of the Piedmont system for the certification of competencies certification of competences, recognition of credits and the figures in charge of the system Regional 18/09/2017 Italian