SKIFF (Skills for Future Farmers)




Friday, 31 March, 2023

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Future farmers and agriculture professional are confronted with severe challenges, especially under financial stress in EU economies and other factors which call for improved competitiveness, a ‘green’ sustainable development and an increase in the agricultural productivity of EU. Such needs are accounted for in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Reform 2014-2020, which foresees the strengthening of three long-term objectives: a) viable food production, b) sustainable management of natural resources and c) balanced territorial development, and provides new policy instruments that reward resource-efficient services that protect the landscape/bio-diversity and innovative trends and technologies in farming and rural development. We considered the development of new transversal skills for agricultural practice absolutely critical in order to cope with the emerging challenges. We adopted the distance-learning paradigm, considering all recent innovations and wide-spread use of e-learning and m-learning systems, in order to develop a sustainable, multilingual courseware freely available to farmers, vets and any practitioner in the agricultural field, including groups at risk. Through a close synergy of key stakeholders in the consortium, we have already reached out to a wide audience and enabled their access to continuing vocational education and training.