Best practices database

Title Organisation Description Country Keywords Document Website Data
FSC® Guidance for Stakeholder Engagement "This new guidance outlines an easy-to-use set of examples to engage stakeholders for those looking to get FSC certified or those already certified. Global Agro-forestry, Sustainability Link 20/12/2021
Connecting Nature "This Platform is developed to connect market demand with the supply of NBS by organisations and enterprises, and to support the nature-based economy. EU Agri business, Agro-forestry, Sustainability Link 20/12/2021
Best-practice guidelines for farms and businesses on agricultural waste management The guideline was produced by the No-Agricultural Waste (NoAW) Horizon 2020 project. Hungary Agri business, Sustainability PDF icon Best practice guideline NoAW - 20200306.pdf Link 29/06/2021
Grassland discussion groups So called monitory discussion groups in Finland. One farm is a monitory farm and the rest of group (dairy, livestock and sheep farmers) visit the farm. The facilitator is an advisor from ProAgria. Finland Business as usual, Entrepreneurship, Soft-skill Link 29/10/2020
Good agricultural practices for family agriculture This manual has been prepared by the Group on Agriculture of the FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean. Italy Bioeconomy, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability PDF icon Good agricultural practices for family agriculture.pdf Link 17/10/2020
Food processing in a box When thinking of food production, the image of big factories, often located outside the city, come to mind. But imagine that a mobile container much closer to your home can do the same thing? Belgium Bioeconomy, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability Link 16/10/2020
Palopuro Agroecological Symbiosis Knehtilä Farm is at the center of a cooperative food production system based on energy and nutrient self-sufficiency. Finland Bioeconomy, Sustainability Link 06/10/2020
Natürlich. VON DAHEIM (Of course. FROM HOME) People, products and stories are behind the diversity of Baden-Württemberg's food and specialties. The regional campaign 'Natürlich. Germany Bioeconomy, Digitalization, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability Link 02/10/2020
SMARTCHAIN SMARTCHAIN will stimulate demand-driven innovation in short food supply chains to improve competitiveness and foster rural development using multi-actor approach. EU Bioeconomy, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability PDF icon smart_chain_screen_0.pdf Link 02/10/2020
European Bioeconomy University The transition to the Bioeconomy is one of the major economic, social and environmental challenges facing the European Union in the coming years. EU Bioeconomy, Entrepreneurship, Soft-skill, Sustainability Link 02/10/2020