Best practices database

Title Organisation Description I-RESTART Country Keywords Document Website Data
Climate-adapted forest management Climate protection and the adaptation of forests to climate change are national tasks of interest to society as a whole. no Germany Agro-forestry, Sustainability Link 26/01/2023
Climate and Transformation Fund Additional funds for research and development are available from the special fund "Climate and Transformation Fund" (KTF) to support the achievement of the climate goals of the federal gover yes Germany Agro-forestry, Emerging trends Link 26/01/2023
National Bioeconomy Strategy (NBÖS) The strategic objectives of the National Bioeconomy Strategy (NBÖS) are to: develop bioeconomic solutions for the Sustainability Agenda; recognise and harness the potentials of the bioeconomy with yes Germany Bioeconomy, Sustainability Link 26/01/2023
Too Good for the Bin! Through diverse activities aimed at a wide variety of target groups, the BMEL already offers support to anyone who values the sustainable, resource-conserving, and appreciative handling of food. Germany Food industry, Sustainability Link 26/01/2023
Sustainable Consumption Societal change toward more sustainable consumption can only be achieved if all take joint responsibility. yes Germany Animal production, Food industry, Sustainability Link 26/01/2023
The Future of Agriculture the Commission on the Future of Agriculture was made up of more than 30 representatives from the fields of agriculture, business, consumer organisations, the environment, animal welfare and academia. yes Germany Agri business, Agro-forestry, Sustainability Link 26/01/2023
Tufts’ Food Compass Tufts’ Food Compass was developed as a food product scoring system to assess the healthfulness of foods, beverages, and mixed dishes, as well as food choices, such as supermarket baskets, diets, and f yes EU Agri business, Emerging trends, One health Link 25/01/2023
COOPID Practice abstracts 4 practice abstracts about several interest topics in the EU bioeconomy yes EU Bioeconomy Link 13/01/2023
COOPID Ambassadors COOPID ambassadors are primary producers, generally part (but not necessarily) of the organisations belonging to the COOPID Bioeconomy Clusters. COOPID ambassadors are professionals active in the agri yes EU Bioeconomy Link 13/01/2023
COOPID local workshops Once a COOPID showcase visit takes place, all the COOPID ambassadors that took part in it return to their home countries. yes EU Bioeconomy Link 13/01/2023